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Wildhorse Creek Trail

The Wildhorse Creek Trail

Powder Springs, GA
(Last updated 2-28-2001)

I discovered this trail in May 2000 and hope to post more information about it as I research it further. If you know more about it, please send me a note.

The trail (as I discovered it) starts east of the Carter Rd. parking lot and on the south side of the Silver Comet Trail just before the Noses Creek trestle. It passes under the trestle and along the creek toward Hopkins Rd. It then goes on to Wildhorse Creek Park near Tapp Middle School. The trail appears to be about 1 3/4 miles long and it is all paved (great for walking, running, biking, or skating). About halfway is a two story observation tower.

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Topo of this section       Aerial photo of this section

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