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The Silver Comet Trail is owned, operated, and maintained by the PATH Foundation, Cobb County and Paulding County. Neither this site ( nor its author/owner are affiliated with the the PATH Foundation, Cobb County, or Paulding County in any way. It was simply made by someone who wanted to combine their interest of maps, biking, and the internet into a site that others would find useful (at the time, there were no other sites like it - several others have cropped up since then). Emails sent to should be general in nature. Any 'offical' questions or comments should be directed to the PATH Foundation.

PATH Contact Information
PATH Foundation, PO Box 14327, Atlanta, Georgia 30324
Phone: 404.875.PATH (7284) Fax: 404.875.3242
The PATH Foundation website "The Silver Comet Trail" and it's logo are registered trademarks of the PATH Foundation, Cobb County, and Paulding County.